Every year, the 35 members of the Bilderberg Steering Committee invite around 100 influential figures to attend the 3 day Bilderberg summit. According to the group itself, the conference consists of:

“nearly three days of informal and off-the-record discussion about topics of current concern especially in the fields of foreign affairs and the international economy”.

At the conference, officials from governments and opposition parties mix, in private, with banks bosses, heads of state, senior corporate officers, academics, and representatives of the major international economic and political institutions (NATO, the EU, the IMF, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, the WTO etc.)

Bilderberg insists that all participants attend in a private capacity – but in 2011, it was revealed that George Osborne attended the St Mortitz Bilderberg conference in his official capacity as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

In 2013, George Osborne attended the Watford conference, along with Prime Minister David Cameron, and Bilderberg steering committee member Ken Clarke MP.

At every conference there is a high-powered mix of politicians, bankers, business people, and political strategists: the CEOs and Chairmen of banks and corporations such as Barclays, HSBC, Santander, Nestlé, Novartis, Airbus, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. Plus the usual smattering of senior US State Dept and Treasury officials, National Security Advisers, Finance Ministers, European royals, Pentagon top brass and intelligence chiefs.


a guide to the international trade and policy summit