2017 Bilderberg Conference: Chantilly, June 1-4

The 2017 Bilderberg Conference will take place in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, from June 1st to 4th. The influential and intensely private four-day event will take place behind tight security at the luxury Westfields Marriott hotel.

The Sully District police of Fairfax County confirmed on May 17th that the police security operation based around on the Westfields Marriott hotel would last from the 31st May to the 4th June. The date and location of the 2017 conference was subsequently confirmed by the Bilderberg Group’s website.

A police spokesperson also added that neither Stonecroft Boulevard or Conference Center Drive would be closed off for the duration of the Bilderberg Conference owing to the large number of businesses operating in the area. The security operation would be managed from the Sully district police headquarters on Stonecroft Boulevard.

The Westfields Marriott hotel nestles pleasantly amongst aerospace and arms company headquarters, about 40km west of Washington DC. Sully district police confirmed that there would be the possibility to view and take pictures of cars arriving into the Westfield Marriott gates but that no facilities for press would be provided.

The Bilderberg Conference was founded back in 1954, as a way for publicly elected officials and intelligence chiefs to share ideas about the future of America and Europe with financiers, energy company bosses and major industrialists, away from the glare of publicity.

And to this day, the conference gives high-level politicians the chance to mingle freely, away from the prying eyes of the press, with bank bosses, Silicon Valley billionaires, hedge fund owners, and corporate CEOs. The chance to share ideas and shape policy for the western world, with a refreshing lack of press scrutiny.

It is not known yet whether President Trump will attend the Chantilly conference, but former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a pivotal figure at Bilderberg, visited the President earlier this month, possibly to extend an invitation. And Bilderberg Steering Committee member Peter Thiel is a trusted Trump advisor and campaign donor.