Bilderberg 2018: Turin, June 7-10

The influential Bilderberg policy summit is this year being held in Turin, from June 7th to 10th.

Taking part in this year’s conference are a large number of senior politicians and public figures, including the Secretary General of NATO and the Prime Ministers of Holland, Belgium, Serbia and Estonia.

Also attending are the King of Holland, the Deputy Prime Ministers of Spain and Turkey, the German Defence Minister, and the Secretary of State of the Vatican.

Top of the conference agenda for these politicians is “Populism in Europe”, the rise of which is obviously troubling for the intensely pro-EU Bilderberg group. They will also be discussing such geopolitical issues as “Russia”, “Saudi Arabia and Iran”, and “US world leadership”.

With the world on the edge of war, the US is sending the Director of Net Assessment at the US Defence Dept., James H. Baker, whose job is to weigh up the military capabilities of America and its ‘competition’.

From the world of finance, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, is heading to Turin, along with his Dutch counterpart, Klaas Knot. They’ll be discussing “Free Trade” with the President of the World Economic Foundation, Børge Brende, and the Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy.

The former UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, is invited, along with the former UK Chancellor George Osborne, in his capacity as Editor of the Evening Standard. Osborne recently took a senior advisory role at Exor, the holding company for the Agnelli billions.

The Chairman of Exor, John Elkann, is on Bilderberg’s steering committee, which is run by the Vice-Chairman of Nestlé, Henri de Castries. It is big year for Elkann, as he is effectively hosting this year’s conference in Turin.

Corporate leaders invited to Turin include the CEOs of Shell, Airbus, Vodafone and Total, billionaire financiers such as Henry Kravis of KKR, and the CEO of ICONIQ Capital — the silicon valley investment fund linked to Mark Zuckerberg.

High tech is high on the agenda, with “Artificial intelligence” and “Quantum computing” being discussed by leaders from the sector, such as Demis Hassabis the head of Google’s DeepMind project, and AI expert Tim Hwang.